a chair is a chair, until it isn’t

I had some old non-functional chairs that I hung on my wall to get them out of the way, like the Shakers. And then people started giving me more old chairs. Eventually I had to do something with them because they were taking up too much wall space.

Chaironette came about first…a working marionette chair, made from a disassembled and articulated chair. If you’ve seen it in my studio you’ll know that it’s now painted red, not like in these photos.  Following that, there were chair legs disguised as birds.  A chair that is reconstructed as a slightly suggestive abacus. A chair mounted on the wall in an exploded drafting view, like an Ikea diagram. A chair that is bowed down and kneeling in submission, but on the wall.

There are more to come, because I still have more chairs hanging on my wall.