cleaning the studio...

...and other adventures in art

“3 + 7” is the name of the collaborative sculpture that Jamie Abbott, Roy Holmberg and I did for the upcoming show Art in the Arboretum: Environmental Installations at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  This exhibit was beautifully curated by Susana Arias.

We have a reception this Saturday, May 20, 3-6pm.  An announcement can be found here.  This will be a great time to come see the show and meet the artists.

Now, on to all these photos.  I know that common sense dictates that I have included too many of them, but it was a complicated project with three artists and many steps.  Anyway, I know that I myself like to hear about what other artists do in the studio, so I’m hoping that you do too.

If you open a photo, you’ll get a captioned slideshow.  Or you can simply view the thumbnails and take a guess what we’re doing.  If that’s too much effort(!), just ignore the photos altogether, and come see our sculpture in person!  We’d love to tell you all about it at the reception.

We have a full statement about the piece at the arboretum, but you can also find it here.