cleaning the studio...

...and other adventures in art

I haven’t posted for a while, have I?  It’s a new year, and with that new year I have some changes afloat. But, first, a happy new year to one and all!

In the waning days of 2010, I had the fortunate experience of being offered a wonderful studio, and so my year ended with the signing of a lease. I hope to stay in this studio for a very long time.

Mind you, I love my current studio–especially the wonderful natural light in it–but the new studio is an offer I can’t refuse. I will have some great neighbors too, and I look forward to forming new artistic alliances and renewing some old ones.

The studio needed some work, though.  Here’s what it looked like when I signed the lease, and then a photo of what it looks like now, with sheetrock, paint, and the beginnings of electrical outlets:

I’ll be moving before the end of the month, and I’m anxious to get back to work.

My working methods may change in the new space. My current studio is cut into three rooms, and I separate the encaustic, sculpture and painting into separate rooms. This studio is one big, open space, which I think will be very interesting for me. When I’m painting, I’ll be able to easily see the sculptural work I’m doing, and vice-versa.

I know I will maintain one long, empty wall for painting, and I should be able to hang and work on perhaps 4-6 paintings at a time, which is a huge luxury. I will also have a very open space for sculpture, which would enable me to work larger than I’ve been working.

The studio is such a big, beautiful, empty space right now that I almost wish I could not bring anything over other than the bare necessities, but, unfortunately, all my history also gets dragged along.  Much like life.