cleaning the studio...

...and other adventures in art
Barbara Downs working in her studio

Photo by Ruth Rabinowitz

People who know me as a painter don’t always know that I also do sculpture. I tend to primarily work in one medium or the other for months at a time, and I am just now straying back into sculpture after having been painting for a few months.

I do figurative painting, but I have no interest in doing figurative sculpture. The two bodies of work are part of a continuum, though.  In painting I’m translating a 3-dimensional figure to a flat picture plane. In sculpture I’m translating a non-dimensional idea to a physical object. The work may look different, but the underlying premise is the same… it’s the translation that I’m interested in.

It’s also satisfying to work with my hands, creating an actual object.  The ‘object-ness’ of sculpture is vastly appealing to me. And sometimes metal feels more malleable than paint. (truly!)

Here’s the newest sculpture, photographed just last week. Two views, different lighting, to show both the translucency and sculptural qualities of the rawhide.