cleaning the studio...

...and other adventures in art
Original artwork by Barbara Downs, The Muse, Mixed-Media on Canvas

The Muse, Mixed-Media on Canvas, 108″x72″, 2013

With Open Studios a month away, this is probably the last of the big paintings that I will complete for the time being.  This painting went through the most drastic changes of any of this series. It hung on my wall for several months in a very different iteration, taking up space, and drawing my attention to it whenever I looked up. I’m calling it done after these most recent modifications because any additional work risks losing the immediacy that I’m after. This one really is a drawing, when it comes right down to it, even though it’s done with paint and mixed-media.

I’m posting this taken-with-my-phone photo because, when I downloaded the photo, I was so surprised to see how the power cord at the lower right corner echoes the lines in the figure.  That’s the sort of surprise I enjoy!

I also like the bit of blue from the nitrile glove on the floor, which leads me to believe that I should incorporate a bit of blue into my limited palette in the next paintings.

I promise to post better photos of all of these paintings after R.R. Jones pays me a visit tomorrow, to shoot all twelve of these large paintings, one after another after another.