cleaning the studio...

...and other adventures in art

I love to photograph my photographer, r.r. jones, at work. He came to my studio last week to shoot a few new large paintings, and at the same time my neighbor Jamie Abbott borrowed my wall to photograph one of his sculptures.

Here are Ron and Jamie with Jamie’s sculpture on the wall:

R.R. Jones photographing the work of Jamie Abbott in the studio of Barbara Downs

And here’s one of the new photos he shot for me:

Original artwork by Barbara Downs, Protection Mode, Acrylic/Mixed-Media on Unstretched Canvas

Protection Mode, Acrylic/Mixed-Media on Unstretched Canvas (hung directly on wall with nails though grommets), 106″ x 72″, 2012

I’ve previously photographed this painting but I’ve added the grommets since that time. This piece is on unstretched canvas and is nailed to the wall through the grommets. I don’t want to stretch these pieces because, even though they are primarily done with paint, I think of them equally as drawings. So they stay flat against the wall, like a drawing pinned in place.